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Owner Program

Luxury Residential Resorts (LRR) is a subsidiary of Rentyl & performs the rental management aspect & owner services at all of Rentyl’s branded resorts. LRR differentiates from any other rental management company by solely managing entire resort properties to be consistent and to maintain a brand essence, look, experience, and feel. Rentyl plans to create & manage Branded Vacation home Resorts all over the world and develop an incredible platform that will differentiate our product from all other vacation homes and by doing so create a new sector in the tourism market. That new sector of tourism is defined as Branded Vacation home Resorts & is marked by consistent brand voice, experience, accommodations, & service replicated all over the world. This platform will provide unparalleled exposure for our product and provide amazing upside for the owners of the units in our program. LRR has experience working with Encore Capital Management as we are the management company that operates and maintains their brand standards at the Encore Resort at Reunion. We are continuing to work with Encore Capital Management at Margaritaville Resort Orlando and have no doubt that our experience in managing a comparable product and revolutionary marketing approach will allow us to provide upside for our owners.

Our program has already set record marks in the Kissimmee area and our Average Daily Rate at Encore is outperforming the average in the Kissimmee market for comparable products. Our vast team member infrastructure and skillsets matched with our marketing approach that focusses on guest experience, brand essence, expert analytics/technology, and consumer engagement are the keys to our success. Not only is our program setup for owner financial success but it’s also setup to provide the best service & oversight compared to any company in the world. At Encore Resort at Reunion alone, we have over 150 dedicated team members on site 24 hours a day to meet our guest and owner needs. Our team is also equipped with owner service managers that are our ambassadors to the owners and ensure a consistent point contact. We look forward to discussing our program with you in more detail and welcoming you to the LRR family!

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