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is a dynamic organization that is altering the tourism industry with the introduction of a new sector called Branded Vacation Home Resorts. Founder of Rentyl, Nicholas Falcone stated, “I come from a large family and have recently started one of my own. We consider ourselves a multi-generational travel family and often travel with over 10 family members. Instead of staying at a hotel and booking multiple double bed rooms, we prefer to rent homes where we can spend more time together under one roof. However, we noticed that the quality of the home experience was too inconsistent. Additionally, we felt that by staying in homes we were sacrificing the typical services and amenities we enjoyed when staying at a resort. This drove us to think of a better way to travel in large groups or families.” Our Mission at Rentyl is to create vacation home resort brands that will foster bringing families and friends together for amazing vacation experiences. We are taking the product of vacation homes and combining it with the experience, amenities, and services of a resort to blend the best of both. Through its Branded Resorts, Rentyl offers guests a consistent standard that delivers the essence, look, and feel that guests expect from resort style accommodations versus other vacation home rental options. Each brand will appeal to different types of guests whether they desire a family vacation, friendly reunion or corporate retreat. Our Goal is to grow our brands all over the world so that guests can enjoy the Branded Vacation Home Resort experience wherever they travel.

Rentyl originated in the Orlando/Kissimmee market with Encore Resort at Reunion and is now growing to include Margaritaville Resort Orlando cottages, and the Bear’s Den at Reunion. Our resorts in this market will represent approximately 1800 homes/cottages with over 9,000 rooms. We are currently expanding our brands to major vacation destinations throughout the United States and will soon embark on our global rollout.

Rentyl will be announcing new locations and unique new brands as we continue to roll out our vision. Keep visiting our website for more information and updates on the expansion of our brands all what locations may appeal to you.

A home in Encore Resort at Reunion
Productive Staff

Meet Our Staff


Nick Falcone

Managing Member

Dan Falcone

Managing Member

Matt Falcone

Managing Member


Laurie Stahl

Director of Human Resources

Jason Richwagen


Stephan Mazza

Director of Operations

Thomas Pagnotta

Director of Purchasing

Chris Poola

Director or Owner Services

Sales & Marketing

Steve Gulotta

Director of Contract Sales

Keith Kalm

Contract Sales Manager

Nick Hager

Marketing Manager

Xavier Cruz

Media Specialist

Eliana Villarta

Regional Director of Resort Sales

Brooks Johnson

Sports Tourism Manager

Luis Otero

Group Sales Manager

Jeffrey Crane

Group Sales Manager

Tyler Phillips

Director of Channel Management

Eliseu Miranda

Call Center Manager

Brian James

Regional Director of Revenue

Todd Schefstad

Revenue Analyst
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